Healthy Macrobiotic cooking workshop


I am Mariano Rodríguez,

author of the book «El yoga de los alimentos» (Ed. Vergara)

I work as a macrobiotic nutritional therapist and run the Instituto Macrobiótica Zen, leading international school where thousands of people learn online a healthy lifestyle to cultivate maximum health, wisdom, energy and vitality.

Food, your medicine.

We cook together a macrobiotic, energizing, and delicious diet to improve digestion, feel better, have more vitality, and live longer.

The vast majority of people do not know how to cook oil correctly. If the oil is burned, then it becomes a «trans» fat that dangerously affects your immune system. Learn to control the temperature and steps to achieve healthy cooking.

Learn how vital energy is expressed through different foods. What food is the most balanced for humans? Learn how to stay in the energy center and reduce extreme foods to harmonize body, mind and spirit.

We use whole, live, organic, local and seasonal foods to achieve maximum adaptation and harmony between humans and their environment. We do not use white flour, white pasta, white rice, stimulating drinks or sugar. We base our diet on whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fish, seaweed, condiments and nuts.

It is very normal to adjust the salt by adding raw salt to a meal, a dish or even a salad. Raw salt is very aggressive for the body and weakens us. But salt is vital. Therefore, I teach you how to choose a healthy type of salt and how you should adjust the salt in a healthy way. I also teach you how to use healthy savory seasonings.

We have to know how to take advantage of the skin of certain vegetables and make precise cuts to take advantage of all the nutrients and energy in the food. There are parts of some vegetables that everyone throws away, but it is where the greatest amount of minerals and vital energy are found.

Learn how to obtain, through ancient culinary art, a vegetable protein that satisfies, that subtifies our body and that allows us to reduce animal food and its dense and contractive energy.

Following the Japanese culinary tradition, I teach you how to prepare vegetables so that they concentrate maximum flavor, nutrients and energy power. You can get very varied dishes always using the same technique.

Get closer to the notion of Yin and Yang to understand what proportion of foods is correct for you. What is an energetically balanced dish like?

The ancient culinary art allows us to correctly transform the energy of food so that it can be digested, assimilated and enhance our vital energy.

Discover what they are and how to use foods that promote the health of your intestines, strengthen your immune system, improve nutrient absorption and reduce inflammation in the body.

Health is achieved, it is the result of our way of eating, thinking, speaking and acting. Health is energy, it is understanding, it is elevation of consciousness. It is a personal conquest, an inner alchemy that is achieved by acting on the body, mind and spirit. Food is the most important pillar of our human temple to connect with the Everything. Through physiological nutrition we prepare the body to facilitate knowledge and the elevation of consciousness.

Come cook together with other people who also share your enthusiasm for enjoying a meal that is not aggressive and that allows you to enhance your health and quality of life.

A day cooking together

How do we put all the theory into practice?


10:00am: Approach to macrobiotics and nutritional guidance

11:00pm: Workshop class full macrobiotic cooking menu

1:30pm: Friendship tasting surrounded by mountains and sea views

2:30pm: Special complementary workshop

3:30pm: Review of the day and resolve doubts

4:00pm: Farewell

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